conjure-up dev summary for week 21

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This week we've spent a lot of time ironing out any last minute polishes and making sure we're ready for our upcoming release candidate due out next week.


In the past we've relied on spell steps to return a json string so that we can process those results once steps finish. This has been a brittle experience and a lot of times the errors thrown are not necessarily qualified to stop the entire post processing experience.

We've now simplified this approach and making sure we capture any output to log in addition to surfacing more information to the user during the progression of a step. In the end we decide on if blocking further progress in post processing is needed based on the previous steps exit code. We still handle the result summary as before but the whole experience is much more reliable.

Our release process is also being expanded on to include a vetting process by our Solutions QA team which should help us further increase the quality of our product.

How you can help

Please install our latest edge version and exercise spells that interest you and substrates you wish to deploy on. We'd love to hear feedback, bugs, and requests from the community.

sudo snap install conjure-up --classic --edge